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01. Why Fasspay

Providing infinite possibilities for your business

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Enjoy a payment experience that is simplified and designed to empower your business to the top
Ease your worries with our certified and accredited global security standards. Your business is safe in our hands
Never follow the crowd again with our integrated, personalized services that will make your business unique and stand out
We prioritize innovation and integrity in all our products and solutions so you will never feel left behind again

02. Products and Services

Offering merchants a complete range of payment solutions

Point Of Sale
Accept payments on the go with our wide range of fully featured mobile payment devices
Card Readers
White label e-wallet
Customise a business e-wallet with offerings suited for your business needs, in compliance with regulations
Merchant Management Portal
Loyalty program
Engage your customers better with our value-added loyalty system
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Our solutions are accredited and licensed to ensure the highest security standards.

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03. White-label Business Solutions

Boost your business branding and experience

Onboard our suite of business solutions, customisable based on your business needs

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04. Fasscap

Accelerating your business into new heights
with our Money Lending Service

The data and business insights collected from utilizing Soft Space’s Digital Payment Hub can offer small businesses and retail loan services with a fast and easy application approval to provide a seamless lending experience.

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Stay tuned for our upcoming Money Lending service.
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