Mobile application

A simple mobile app paired with our card reader, and an iOS or Android device is all you need to complete a sale.

Simple and secure

Our app is downloadable from the Apple or Playstore. Do everything from reader connection, payment, sales history review and sending receipts. No payment data is stored in-app. After all, you can’t compromise what isn’t there. For more on our tech visit


  • Lower fees

    Do away with hefty monthly rental fees and other charges. Our prices are pocket friendly. Ask for a quote today.

  • Sell on the go

    A payment device that goes where you go, and connects back to the bank wirelessly, is a friend indeed.

  • Centralised EMV processing

    All the heavy duty transaction processing happens in a secure server tucked away behind the Bank's firewall. No data is ever present or in danger on the reader or the phone.

  • Next day deposit

    Receive deposits within a day after settlement for our Partner bank account holders Standard IBG transfer rates apply for others.

  • Auto settlement

    Schedule settlements to occur automatically daily. One headache less.

  • No payment data stored

    Not a smidgeon of payment data is stored on the reader or mobile device. So there's nothing there to compromise.

  • Secure, secret transactions

    All data is encrypted and sent to a secured bank server for processing and storage. Updates over the cloud.

  • Digital receipts

    Receive your Merchant receipt copy via email. Customer copies sent via email or SMS. No more messy paper receipts.

Made for mobile

Supports smart devices on the latest versions of iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

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