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Sprouts Kids 

Jaya One, The School
It's great that the Fasspay app integrates with my tablet POS system, so our Sprouts customers get instant service instead of queuing.

Charles Wong, Owner

An inventive concept like Sprouts Kids, that combines childhood development, education, health care, cafe and a retail outlet, needs an inventive point of sale(POS) experience. Sprouts knows that for busy mums on the go each minute is precious. To cut waiting times at the till, Sprouts staff have iPads running a Sprouts POS app which they patrol the floors with. Mums can grab an item from the shelf, and checkout via the tablet app instead of queuing up. Since managing cash without the register is problematic, each tablet is equipped with a mobile card reader, so mums can pay by card quickly and be on their way to their next errand in a flash.

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